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Amazing, world-class websites for your business needs.

Amazing, world-class websites for your business needs.

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A monthly subscription plan that reduces upfront costs

A custom-built website designed and crafted from scratch

On-going website support and maintenance

Digital Alchemist

Your answer to a beautiful new website.

Offering subscription plans that fit every budget.

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How it works

Focus on your business. Let me worry about your website.

Get in touch

Get in touch with me to discuss the subscription option that best suits your needs.

Step 1

Send me the text content for your new website, and I will design wireframes and mockups for you to review and provide comments. I can also help edit and organize the content.

Step 2

Once the design is finalized, I will build your website using a full-featured professional web development platform, and write custom code if needed.

Step 3

Your first month subscription fee is charged only when your new site goes live.

Step 4

I will manage and maintain your website so you can focus on running your business. Think of me as your part-time IT guy.

Step 5

Make content updates yourself using a simple editor, and depending on your subscription plan, I can also make more advanced updates for you and even build new pages.

Step 6

Why working with me will be a joy.


upfront fees

World-class tailor-made websites can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000+ to design and build. You can get the same results from me by paying a low monthly subscription instead.


weeks to design and build

Most large web development agencies take 3-5 months to code a website using WordPress, a flexible but outdated tool. You can expect a finished project from me within 2-4 weeks using a more modern and equally flexible tool. The finished product will look just as incredible.


custom hand-drawn illustrations

An artist will be commissioned to draw up to 5 unique illustrations to place in your website at no additional cost if you choose the Unlimited Plan. You may also provide me with your own images.



Third-party power-ups can be added to your website for a small additional fee. Available power-ups include scheduling, membership management, eCommerce, and payment processing tools.


designed to impress

Clean and simple, yet bold and engaging design tailored to your brand, with impressive interactions and animations that will WOW your customers.


Not to brag, but all of my clients love me.

Scott Nielson
Associate Attorney

Alan designed the website for my small business. He has a high standard of quality and good taste. He worked efficiently and made thoughtful suggestions. He is an excellent web developer and I highly recommend him!

Rebekah Lau

Alan built a clean, user-friendly, organized, and beautifully designed website, and incorporated programs like Calendly to help ease administrative cost and scheduling burden.  Alan is efficient, responsible and professional. We really enjoyed the website!

Randy Carlton
Director of Product

Alan is an excellent designer and programmer with good taste in user interface and an intuition for the user experience, with a strong focus on simple, elegant, and user-friendly designs with clean, organized code.

A few websites I designed

Seed Music Academy

Monthly subscription plans

Limited Service

An amazing custom-designed website2

A domain name purchased for you

Secure website and domain hosting

SEO refinements and site traffic reports

Power-ups available for +$17/mo each

Editor access for text and image edits

QA audits for broken links and visual elements

Load speed audits and optimization

Security and privacy compliance

WCAG/ADA legal compliance audits

24-hr site status monitoring and fix

Email support with next-day response

1. First and last month payment required upfront for Limited Service plan.

2. Up to 5 unique pages. Additional pages available at an hourly rate.

Full Service

Everything included in Limited Service plan, plus:

Page structure edits done for you

Access to Markup to request/track edits

Repairing broken links and visual elements

WCAG/ADA compliance edits done for you


Everything included in Full Service plan, plus:

Unlimited new pages built for you

Up to 5 custom hand-drawn illustrations

Continuous redesigns and improvements

Priority email support with same-day response

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a website if I already have a Facebook page or Instagram profile?

Have you ever tried looking up a restaurant menu on your phone, only to find a picture of it on their Instagram? You probably didn't enjoy reading it.

Facebook pages and Instagram profiles can be great platforms to boost your online presence -- in addition to a website. Each social media platform has specific use cases: Facebook pages are great for making announcements, while Instagram profiles are great for sharing photos of your business. Neither, however, are great for presenting large amounts of information in an easily readable format, which is important when you are trying to sell a product or service. That's where a marketing website comes in.

Besides, an official website makes your business look more professional and trustworthy. Stop posting pictures of your flyer on Instagram!

Why don't you use WordPress?

While WordPress powers over 40% of the entire Web, it is an outdated and time-consuming web development platform. Even simple tasks such as updating your plug-ins may cause your website to break. While many large agencies are stuck with WordPress for various reasons, nimble and flexible independent web professionals are increasingly making the switch to other modern professional platforms for quicker development and easier management.

The most important benefit of a modern professional platform is that it allows custom coding for design flexibility. You can create any website design you can imagine!

Can't I just build my own website using amateur platforms?

You are certainly welcome to try! There are several fabulous web design platforms out there that are suited for amateur designers. However, they are never as simple as one would expect.

Building a website is tedious and time-consuming regardless of the platform you choose, and all require a certain level of confidence with technology and knowledge of the building blocks of a website. Most importantly, most amateur platforms do not allow for much flexibility in design, and do not allow you to write custom code.

If you want to WOW your customers, a professional platform is the way to go!

What payment methods do you accept?

When your website is ready to launch, I will send you a secure link to enter your credit card information. The card will be automatically charged a monthly recurring fee throughout your subscription period.

Does "unlimited" really mean unlimited?

Well, within reason. For the most part, yes. Most of my clients choose this subscription option, and all have been satisfied so far!

I would like to create a website featuring memberships/gated content. Can you help me?

Yes! I can help you set up membership management power-ups and connect them to your site for an additional fee. This includes designing account creation and login pages, etc.

I would like to set up an eCommerce site/online store. Can you help me?

Yes! I can help you set up inventory management and payment processing power-ups and connect them to your site for an additional fee.

What happens to my website if I cancel my subscription?

As with all subscription services, cancelation of your subscription will cause you to lose access to your website at the end of your final payment period.

Alan Kemsley